The 3 Worst Words To Use On Your Resume

The 3 Worst Words To Use On Your Resume

When it comes to your resume, using certain words can actually do more harm than good. In fact, using certain words can make your resume sound dated, unprofessional, and even borderline unqualified. So, if you want your resume to make the best impression possible, make sure to avoid using these three words.

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“Responsible for”

When you use the phrase “responsible for,” you’re essentially just summarizing your job duties. And while it’s important to include a summary of your duties on your resume, this phrase is far too vague and doesn’t really tell employers anything about your accomplishments or what you’re actually good at.

A better way to phrase this would be to use action verbs such as “managed,” “supervised,” “led,” etc. This will not only sound more impressive, but it will also give employers a better idea of your specific skills and abilities.

“Hard worker”

This is another one of those phrases that’s just too vague. Yes, employers want to see that you’re a hard worker, but simply saying that you are isn’t going to convince them. Instead, you need to back it up with actual examples of your hard work.

For instance, you could say something like, “I increased sales by X% through hard work and dedication.” This will give employers a much better idea of your work ethic and what you’re actually capable of.

“References available upon request”

This phrase is completely unnecessary and takes up valuable space on your resume. Employers already know that you have references and they will ask for them if they’re interested in learning more about you. So, there’s no need to waste space on your resume with this phrase.

If you’re looking to improve your resume and make a great impression on employers, make sure to avoid using these three words.

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