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The Different Types Of 3D Shapes

The Different Types Of 3D Shapes


Cubes are perhaps the most well-known type of 3D shape. They are solid objects with six square faces. All of the faces of a cube are the same size, and the cube has right angles.

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Cubes are used in a variety of everyday objects, such as dice, boxes and Rubik’s cubes.

Cubes are also known as square prisms.


Cylinders are another common type of 3D shape. They have two circular faces (known as bases) and a curved surface.

Cylinders are often found in objects such as cans, vases and car tires.


Spheres are 3D shapes with just one curved surface. They are round, like a ball.

Spheres are commonly found in sports, such as baseballs and basketballs.


Conical shapes are similar to cylinders, but they have just one base. The other face is a point, known as the apex.

Cones are often found in objects such as traffic cones and ice cream cones.


Prisms are 3D shapes with two identical ends (known as bases) and flat sides.

There are many different types of prisms, including square prisms, triangular prisms and rectangular prisms.

Prisms are often used in the construction of buildings and bridges.


Pyramids are 3D shapes with a triangular base and three or more triangular faces.

The most well-known pyramid is the Egyptian pyramid.

These are just a few of the different types of 3D shapes. There are many more, such as ellipsoids, toroids and polyhedrons.

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