How To Keep Google As Your Default Search Engine On Safari

How To Keep Google As Your Default Search Engine On Safari

It seems like every day, there’s a new browser vying for our attention. Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Opera, Brave. the list goes on. But despite all the new options, many of us still stick with the tried-and-true Safari.

Safari is pre-installed on all Macs and iOS devices, and it’s known for its speed and sleek design. Plus, it integrates tightly with other Apple products.

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One thing that Safari doesn’t do well, however, is keep Google as the default search engine. Every time you open a new tab, Safari defaults to Apple’s own search engine, Siri Suggestions.

If you prefer to use Google, there are a few different ways to make it your default search engine on Safari.

The first option is to simply type “” into the Safari search bar. This will take you to the Google homepage, and from there you can perform your search.

The second option is to add a Google bookmark to your Safari bookmarks bar. To do this, go to in Safari and click the Share button in the toolbar. From the Share menu, select “Add Bookmark.”

In the Add Bookmark window, you can choose where to save the bookmark. We recommend adding it to the bookmarks bar, so it’s always readily available.

Once you’ve added the bookmark, simply click it whenever you want to perform a Google search.

The third and final option is to change your Safari settings so that Google is the default search engine. To do this, open Safari and go to Preferences > Search.

In the Search section, you’ll see a drop-down menu labeled “Search Engine.” By default, this will be set to “Siri Suggestions.” To change it to Google, simply select “Google” from the menu.

Now, whenever you perform a search in Safari, it will automatically go through Google.

These are just a few quick tips to help you keep Google as your default search engine on Safari. Give them a try and see which one works best for you.

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