Why September is a Great Month to Go Shopping

The days are getting shorter, the air’s a bit colder, kids are going back to class – and you’re supposed to put away those white Capri pants for another 8 months. It’s September and you’re probably avoiding the back-to-school chaos in local shops – unless you’re a parent and will be braving the crowds and the lineups.

But September is the best time to shop for a number of items that come out with new models this month. That means last year’s still-brand-new stock is priced to clear. You can find bargains on:

Cars. As the 2008 models roll on to the lots and dealers are desperate to unload old inventory so many deals are to be had. You’ll have an even better time bargaining if you go hunting on a weekday morning. When there are less customers, salespeople will be more willing to lower prices to make the sale. Edmunds.com has great tips and information on negotiating a car purchase.

Clothing. Though back to school clothes are likely going to be regular price, you can stock up for the whole family on summer items that carry over into fall — at great discounts. Black and white t-shirts, jeans, hooded sweatshirts and light long sleeved shirts can be worn all year-round.

Office Supplies. This seems obvious, as your newspaper is overstuffed with flyers for stationery and equipment, but why not store up for the winter on printer ink and paper, pens, envelopes, computer accessories and more?

Beer. The last of the summer ales will store for up to six months in a cool, dark “beer cellar” provided you don’t move them around. It’s a great opportunity to stock up on discounted seasonal brew.

Other. This year’s washers, dryers, refrigerators and dishwashers are all cheap in September. So are golf clubs and plants, shrubs and trees.

Where to Find Great Deals Year Round.  If you still don’t want to brave the mall, you can find deals online all the time. A few great places to save are Overstock.com, eBay, Amazon, Ceecoupon.com, and Google Products.

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