Super Savings Saturday #1

Crystal at CeeCoupon thought it would be a great idea if bargain shoppers across the blogosphere could encourage each other by posting pictures of the deals they’d found throughout each week. I have to say I agree with her. There’s nothing more motivating than seeing how other people have spent their money frugally throughout the week. So I’m going to join the fun.

I recently joined the Grocery Game, and my store to shop is Albertson’s. Living in Oregon, I don’t have the luxury of stores that double coupons, but I can still find some good deals. This is what I bought on Monday.

I know that looks like a lot of junk food. It is. But I plan on using the candy for Halloween. And Sam’s birthday is this month, so I will need to bring treats to school and bake a birthday cake.

But on to my savings. All of those items before store savings and coupons came to $64.15. My savings between my preferred card and my coupons was $32.53, and I ended up paying a total of $31.62. That’s a savings of 50%. Not bad for my first try!

To be inspired by more great bargain hunters, head over to CeeCoupon!

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