My Birthday Dinner At MemSaab!

Going out for dinner is becoming a rather delectable birthday habit that my boyfriend treats me to and as a massive foodie I’m not one to object to this rather new tradition.

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday so we got all dressed up, Jordan in the shirt I bought him a few months ago, me in a little black wrap dress… and I even whipped out my louboutins! It is a special occasion after all.

I wore:
Dress from H&M
Necklace was a gift from Jordan
Shoes are Louboutins
Bag is Vivienne Westwood

We went to MemSaab, an award winning Indian restaurant and one of my favourites at that! It’s not your typical run of the mill curry house and you can expect to pay £30 – £40 each for a 3 course meal which is a reasonable price considering that the food is exquisite to say the least.

I started off with the Sigri Selection which I and Jordan shared. It’s a combination of diced lamb fillet marinated in mint, yogurt and crushed black pepper called Boti Padina, Reshmi Kebab which is charcoal grilled minced chicken fillet flavoured with coriander seeds, fresh mint and garam masala and finally the Lahori Lamb Chops which were deliciously tender lamb chops marinated with ginger, garlic and freshly ground roasted cloves.

As a seafood junkie, there was no doubt what my main course would be, the Sigri Jhingha – king prawns in a yogurt and onion seed marinade, singe grilled with bell peppers and served with rice, salad and a side of curry sauce. I kid you not, these were the tastiest prawns I have ever tried and even Jordan, who doesn’t usually like prawns enjoyed them.

I was too full for dessert so that’s where the food stops I’m afraid but if you ever find yourself in Nottingham’s city centre I highly recommend a visit. The food is heavenly and the staff are all very polite and attentive. Don’t worry your belly can thank me for it later!

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