A Shared Household

Today was a lazy Tuesday.

I woke up around 11am leaving Jordan to arise when he felt like it. He’d spent the whole night shoving the duvet off and then pulling it back on, waking me up every time so I was in desperate need of a cup of tea and a cold shower to wake me up, and of course that is exactly what I did. I’ve been perched on the sofa with my laptop for the rest of the day, we watched the new episode of Teen Wolf together and then I read blogs and he’s been on the Xbox.

By dinner time it was decided that it was his turn to cook his first meal here since he moved in a few days ago on the 21st July, it was a ‘throw a bunch of ingredients into an oven tray’ jobby but boy was it tasty! Streetdance 2 followed and now I feel like I want to learn Latin dancing and of course street dancing, although I did a little of that last year at uni.

For me it was time for a spot of pampering, think Lush’s Phoenix Rising, my Yankee Candle of choice (The White Company’s Orange Grove is my favourite candle but unfortunately I’ve ran out).

Then I settled down in the bath with a large mug of Whittard Strawberry and Vanilla Instant Tea. A taste not to be missed, it’s a real comforter and oozes a strawberry bon bon type flavour and is also comparable to those milkteeth sweets you can buy.
The boy thinks it smells like hot strawberry jelly before it’s set.
I say it smells delicious.

Finally I popped on the cutest pair of pyjama bottoms known to man and a strappy top and I’m now indulging in my current love affair…and it’s low fat!

Jordan on the other hand…
He’s back on the Xbox playing Prototype 2…

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