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The Ebay Top That Every Girl Needs!

I was browsing Ebay last week for a pretty embroidered top to wear during the Spring and Summer ...

I was browsing Ebay last week for a pretty embroidered top to wear during the Spring and Summer months. My plan was to wear it with anything and everything, tucked into maxi skirts or thrown on with skinny jeans, and luckily I came across this which came to just over a mere £5 including shipping. I snapped it up straight away but needless to say, my expectations were low. You know, I thought it would be too good to be true and all that. How wrong was I? 

Despite the description stating that it would take anywhere between 15 - 35 working days for it to arrive from China, I ordered it on the 28th April and it arrived on the 3rd May. Speedy eh? Fast delivery aside, here's why I love it...
  • The quality is surprisingly good, it feels well made and quite honestly if they sold this in Zara I'd expect to pay £30 for it. Come to think of it, I would pay £30 for it (just don't tell the Ebay seller that).
  • The fit is lovely. I'm a UK size 10 and ordered a medium which is slightly lose in all the right places. There's even a relaxed neckline to show off your collarbones and slightly flared out sleeves.
  • I got this in the 'beige' shade, an off white colour that compliments my super pale skin tone more than stark white does. Plus, it's easier to keep clean too!
  • The price. Do I need to remind you that it cost me £5.84 including postage!?! The price is different on different sizes or colours but it's never gone to cost you more than a tenner for the top itself plus postage. That's still a bargain don't you agree?

In my opinion every girl needs this top and for the price can you really disagree? Pick it up from Ebay, here.

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  1. I LOVE Chinese clothes sellers on eBay! I remember buying a cute top similar to this a few years back and absolutely loved it and wore it with almost everything - off to have a browse now its gorgeous!

  2. I literally just bought this yesterday! I can't wait for it to come!

  3. Really cute top! It's always good to find nice bargains across the Web and ebay is THE place for that!



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