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Heartwood Candle Co. Sweet Orange & Cardamon Candle

I'm a self confessed candle addict and as it stands I have two whole drawers full of the thi...

I'm a self confessed candle addict and as it stands I have two whole drawers full of the things. They're nice but I felt the need for something a bit more special, so after a little too much time I finally decided to order my second candle from Heartwood Candle Company, a company I almost immediately fell in love with back in November and for good reason too. Needless to say since my new addition arrived, the Sweet Orange and Cardamon Candle, I've already burnt half of it in the space of a week. That's true love for you, and here's why...

'Sweet Orange brings joy wherever it goes,
Cardamon invigorates from your head to your toes.
This dynamic duo laugh in the face of fatigue,
If you feel a bit weary, they're just what you need!'

The first candle I tried from Heartwood Candle Company, their Jasmine, Mandarin and Grapefruit Candle, was my favourite living room burner whereas this is one that I prefer to frequently lock myself away in my bedroom with whilst I watch a film or do my dreaded (dare I say it...) dissertation, and I think it suits that location perfectly. Even as I type this it's flicking away in the background, delicately wafting it's warming aroma through the air. The scent itself has great depth and reminds me somewhat of ginger biscuits with a hint of orange, it's comforting and leaves me feeling content. A smell that's neither too sweet nor too savoury, it's spicy orange scent is perfectly balanced and as always it burns beautifully. There's a sense of luxury about it and I don't know whether it's Heartwood Candle Company's gorgeous glass jars that do it or the scents themselves, but either way I look at it Heartwood oozes quality. A wonderful addition to any home.

I could quite happily have this candle in every room in my house, in fact, I'm beginning to think I could probably have any Heartwood Candle in every room of my house. That said, it leads me to think that founders Laura and Dominique must have the most beautifully scented homes, just imagine.

After two fantastic experiences with two wonderful candles, I can't help but want to try more from Heartwood Candle Company and next on my list to try is their Cedarwood, May Chang and Katafray candle, along with the Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Vetiver scent.

The Heartwood Candle Sweet Orange and Cardamon candle is priced at £20 and is available to purchase directly from their website, here.

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  1. Ahh just imagine how good their houses smell! I haven't lit mine yet but I'm really tempted to now...its still sitting in the packaging with the label as I think it looks cool just like that on my windowsill in my bedroom haha! x

  2. Love this! I am always on the search for a new candle, currently right now I have a huge green tea candle from Stone with wooden wick- it lasts forever! Nothing like a nice candle lit meal at home :0)

    1. Amongst the first three candles I ordered before Christmas, I got Cedarwood, May Chang and Katafray and the sweet orange and cardamom. I also got the frankinsense one. All lovely (orange and sweet cardamom I think was my favourite, for the depth of scent). I recently bought Begamot and Geranium, which is nice for the living area and the patchouli and ylang ylang, which is my favourite of all so far. They are very lovely candles.


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