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Rose Gold Lovin'

Exactly 4 days ago I tweeted asking if anyone had any blush recommendations as it's an area ...

Exactly 4 days ago I tweeted asking if anyone had any blush recommendations as it's an area in my makeup collection that I'm not entirely happy with and truth be told, I've never really got all the fuss about blush. I know it's a must for my super pale complexion otherwise I look quite ill but it's always been something I've done out of habit, not something that I do because I like. A friend of mine suggested I try Sleeks Rose Gold Blush. I already had it in my collection within my Sleek Face Form Palette and after one use I'd pushed it to the side and had decided it wasn't for me, but after Natalie's recommendation I thought I'd give it another go...

Begrudgingly, I swept it onto my cheeks in partly lit light and then ran out the door without taking another glimpse. I find blush quite a difficult addition to my makeup routine, because of my pale skin I feel like all of the colours I do like are off limits to me to avoid the whole clown face scenario and I find pale pink blushes dull and uninspiring. I'm not sure why I didn't like Sleeks Rose Gold Blush to begin with but maybe I wasn't convinced that it looked right on me. All that changed when I couldn't stop admiring it's gorgeous sheen that just screams health every time I went to the toilet throughout the day. I'm sure everyone must have thought I was incredibly vain and if only I'd shared my excitement for my new found love, maybe we could sing it's praises together? 4 days later and the gorgeous shimmery peachy pink that that's said to be a dupe for Nars Orgasm hasn't left my cheeks since. Has Sleek's Rose Gold sparked a blush obsession? I think it might have...

Sleek's Rose Gold Blush is available on it's own for the price of £4.49 from Superdrug and is available online here. Alternatively it can be purchased as part of the Face Form Palette in Fair and Light for £9.99.

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  1. I love Sleek and theirs palettes are so beautiful!


  2. haha the same thing happened to me :) I wash't a big blusher person..until I had Tarte's Flush! Now, I can't get enough of the product!

    Lovely shade on you! I will definitely pick up some Sleek blushers in the future!!

  3. This is a gorgeous colour, I sent it to a friend as a gift and she raved about it for ages, looks great on you :) Xx

  4. It looks lovely! I love Sleek blushes.

  5. I love this colour, it's gorgeous. I've never tried anything from sleek before but really tempted!
    Laura x | My Life in a Blog

  6. love this, i have the contour kit without the blush and its a staple I use every single day!
    rabia from RepeatPiece

  7. It's beautiful on you! I'd also recommend NARS Douceur or MAC Warm Soul, they look beautiful on pale skin x

  8. Beautiful! Love sleek makeup beyond belief! Xx


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