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An Ode To Patina...

This may be a rather bold statement, but if someone told me to pack up my things and bring only ...

This may be a rather bold statement, but if someone told me to pack up my things and bring only one makeup item in each category then this - Mac's Patina, without a doubt, would be it in the eyeshadow department...

An eyeshadow that I've repurchased twice, it's a gold toned taupe brown with a frost finish that's super wearable, going with any makeup look or outfit and isn't too intense for the daytime nor too subtle for a night out either. Patina's one of those one sweep wonders that once popped onto the lid with a trusty Mac 217 brush and possibly, if you're anything like me, applied along the lower lash line too, looks like you've been pottering about in front of the mirror for longer than you should. Don't worry, no one needs to know that in fact it took minimal effort to look this good, that can be our little secret (wink, wink). Wear it on it's own for a quick and easy look, pair with a darker brown shadow in the crease or top it off with a touch of eyeliner along the upper lash line like shown below (but please excuse the whole hand holding hair business, it's trickier than you'd think to keep my hair out of my face). It's an eyeshadow shade that I wouldn't be shocked to see the lovely Miss Olivia Palermo sporting since it's got the whole chic thing down to a T.

However you'd wear it, it's definitely one to have in your collection. Purchase it from Mac online for the rather reasonable price of £12.50, here.

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  1. It looks gorgeous on you! It definitely takes some serious dedication to finish it up twice! I've swatched it in store and it's definitely on my MAC wishlist.

    Tashi // shiwashiful.

  2. That's such a gorgeous colour, I love MAC eyeshadows!

    Beth | BeautyBubbles♡

  3. Subtle it...if only it was a bit more natural ;-))x

  4. I always steal my sister's Patina, I should probably pick up my own! It's a lovely shade and suits you so well :-) x

    Kat from Blushing Rose Beauty


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